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Prakash Belawadi – Sandalwood Star Shining in Bollywood

Prakash Belawadi is a prominent name in Kannada Theater realm.

Prakash Belawadi born as son of Nani (a make up artist) and Bhargavi Narayan (a well known theater artist), having come from family of theater background, he had developed natural inclination to work in theaters in the early stages of life.

Before his debut into acting and film direction, Prakash Belawadi worked in “Little Theater” in Bangalore. As it was a small theater, he used to multitask by cutting tickets and also guiding the audience to seats with torch light. Having started then, he never looked back in his Theater career.

In 1974 Prakash Belawadi acted in a small role in a play “Ungreatful Man” directed by Malini and Edward White, and later he also acted in Kannada Play “Mukhya Manthri” (The Chief Minister) and many other plays. He acts in about 10 plays every year, he proudly mentions that “Basically, I am not an actor, I belong behind the screens”. Surprising to note that he has also performed as make up artist and lighting in many plays.

When he completed his Engineering Degree if he had chosen a job for his career, he would have been earning lakhs together, instead he started searching for a career in journalism.He was inspired by writings of Arun Shouri, a renowned journalist. He applied in “Lankesh Patrike” a popular tabloid of those days, he could not get an entry in there. He started as an intern in Indian Express news paper, for a stipend of about 630 rupees continue to work in the journalism for few more years.

He started his career with Gireesh Karnaad’s “Agni Matthu Male” (Fire and Rain) play as Reybani, having seen his passion and performance, Gireesh Karnaad offered him the role of Obaiyya in “Kanuru Subbamma Heggadathi” a play based on novel written by Kuvempu, this lead to a formal career in acting. He won a National Award for his direction of “Stumble” an English Movie.

After “Stubmble” while he was engaged in theater works, he gets a call from an associate director from Mumbai, he gets selected for the character of Bala in “Madras Cafe”, a movie based on the plot of Rajiv Gandhi’s Murder by LTTE terrorists, The rest is history.

Now a days, most of the people in Bollywood think, if he gets a call from a Hindi movie, it must be a very significant role. After Madras Cafe, he acted in series of movies like Talwar, Air Lift, Wazeer and Many More.

As the number of offers from Bollywood grow, the offers from Kannada Movies also increased. He acted in Kenda Sampige, Last Bus, Ishta Kamya Directed by Nagthihalli Chandrashekar. Having tasted success Prakash is a very simple and down to earth person with no hallow bubble or gas around his personality. He does not claim to be from the movie industry, but as he only says, he continues to be belong to Theaters, also he sees himself as a director more than actor.

Recently he has taken several initiatives to guide the youung talent passionate about movie making. He has agreed to assist as Strategic Adviser for a newly opened School offering “Digital Moving Making” – White Pencil (www.whitepencil.org.in)

According to him all the credit for his success should go to his Wife and Children for their support throughout the journey.

One of his dreams is to build and grow a Film Direction School in and around Suchitra Theater.

We wish Prakash Belwadi a great success in all the dimensions of his Theater and Film Career.

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